Monthly Archives: April 2013

My First Trip with My New Family



Last year I went to Phuket with my husband, at the time I was pregnant. I am very happy because it was my first trip with my new family. We spend three days and two nights in Phuket. In Phuket we stayed in motel. The motel is cheap but it is very clean and comfort, and it is near from Patong beach. If we want to go to Patong beach, it is just need 15 minutes to walk to go there.

First day, we didn’t go anywhere, we just walked around the motel because we arrived in Phuket at 9 pm. Many tourists walked around at Bangla Road. The nightlife at Bangla Road is very famous in Phuket. There are many bars, café, attraction, and show just for adult.

Second day, we went to Phi-phi island by ferry. It is needed three hours to go to Phi-phi Island. A long the way we looked beautiful panorama. We landed in Krabi Island. Krabi Island is a land with white sand, beautiful beach, and many kinds of beautiful fish. In the beach we could see the fish, because the water is very clean and blue. After we went to Phi-phi Island, we went to see Phuket Fantasy show. Phuket Fantasy show is a show that tells about Thailand folk story. The show used animal attraction.

The last day, we went to Patong beach and bought merchandises. Such in Indonesia, we must be careful if want to buy some merchandises. We rent a motorcycle to go to around the city. There are many beautiful beaches. Unfortunately we couldn’t visit every beach in Phuket. We leaved Phuket at 9 pm and arrived in Jakarta at 11 pm. Actually I want to spend more time in Phuket, I hope someday I can go to Phuket once again.


My Daily Activities



I usually get up at 5 am, then take a bath and pray Subuh. After that, I prepare to go to the office. I start go to the office at 6 am, it is needed an hour to go there. My office hour is 7 am to 4 pm, on Monday to Friday. I get at home at 5 pm. After I arrived at home, I take a bath first then watch television or film to refresh my mind after a long day I worked. At 6 pm I pray Magrib, and at 7 pm I go to the campus. I go to the campus every Monday to Friday at 7 pm to 9 pm. I arrive at home at 9.15 pm because my boarding house is near with my campus. After I arrived at home, I pray Isya and prepare to sleep.

On Saturday afternoon I go to the campus but on Sunday I go to the campus in the morning. Every day I shall go to the campus, it makes me tired because I don’t have a break day. Now I have a daughter, the situation makes me difficult to manage my time. But I hope someday I get good result for my effort.